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Rig Hand - Rocking R chosen for Speaker's Whisky

Alberta Small Batch Whisky chosen for Speaker's Whisky

In a historical first, Canadian whisky has been chosen by the House of Commons' speaker for its Speaker's Whisky. The Rocking R Whisky, made by Nisku’s Rig Hand Distillery, has broken the norm of selecting a scotch and has become the chosen whisky for this long-standing tradition.

Geoff Stuart, representing Rig Hand Distillery, revealed that the whisky samples were sent down, and they were shortlisted for the tasting panel. MPs taste and vote in a double-blind test, and the Rocking R Whisky emerged as the winner by a landslide. The 100% rye whisky won first place due to its unique taste.

According to House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota, the Nisku-made whisky was chosen after the scotch supply from Scotland was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Every distillery in Canada was eligible to send their samples for selection, and the Rocking R Whisky was selected out of the six shortlisted whiskies.

In 2003, former House Speaker Peter Milliken was inspired by British and Scottish Parliament to select a Speaker’s Scotch, with the goal of sharing the selected beverage with MPs and the general public.

Rocking R Whisky

Rye has been Canada’s whisky since the turn of the century. Renown for the hot spice notes and a smooth finish, our Rocking R 100% Rye Whisky follows this century old tradition just like our rye farmers do. The Knull family farm was established in 1901 and the consistent quality crops they produce are a testament to all 4 generations who have cultivated their land. We are as proud of their tradition as we are of this whisky we make from it.

Raise a glass with us to toast our great Alberta farmers. Cheers!

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