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Artisan Distillers Canada Awards

Artisan Distillers Canada Awards

More fantastic news from this year's awards cycle. Alberta distilleries have continued to succeed in national and international spirit competitions. Confluence, Latitude 55, Bridgeland, Country Stone, Pivot, Wildlife and Strathcona made our province proud this month.

Some highlights:

Strathcona Spirits Distillery - Absinthe Blanche Qualité Supérieure Gold - Best in Class - Excellence in Terroir -Distinction

Confluence Distilling -Vinland Aquavit

Gold-Excellence in Terroir - Distinction

Wild Life Distillery- Wildcat Amaro


Bridgeland Distillery- Moscato Brandy Silver

Wild Life Distillery - Barrel-aged Gin


Confluence Distilling - Pink Gin

Gold -Distinction

Pivot Spirits - Farmacy Gin


Pivot Spirits - Winter Gin

Gold - Distinction

Wild Life Distillery - Classic Gin Gold - Best in Class

Country Stone Distillery - Garlic Vodka


Pivot Spirits - Haskap and Honey Liqueur Gold - Distinction

Latitude 55 Distillery - Kakwa Rum Barrel Series


Bridgeland Distillery - Taber Corn Berbon

Gold -Merit in Terroir

Pivot Spirits

Young Guns Series: Spelt

Silver - Excellence in Terroir - Distinction

Please join me in celebrating the fantastic showing by Alberta Distilleries!

Additional winners and awards can be found by clicking through below:

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