Our current membership is comprised of entrepreneurial Albertan's who vary widely in their backgrounds and history but are united in building a strong Alberta craft distilling industry from the ground up.  We are unified in our approach to support Canadian farmers and create new jobs and expertise within our province, Alberta.  Our membership has been growing steadily since 2014.  

Eau Claire Distillery - Turner Valley, AB

The setting is rugged and rural, surrounded by generations-old family farms where owners produce some of the finest grain in the world.

The characters backing Eau Claire match drinks business history with long standing relationships with pioneers and settlers. Together, love of the land manifests in hand-harvest reaping and hand-sealed bottling.

The plot hinges on only the very best ingredients presenting in small batches with the unique attributes of the terroir and the singular touch of a masterful distiller. Farm-fresh ingredients and historic hand-crafted methods define Eau Claire’s rightfully artisanal spirits that redefine taste, one ‘grain-to-glass’ experience at a time.'

Wood Buffalo Brewing Company - Fort McMurray, AB

Our founding principle at the Bearhill Brewing Company is to create the absolute highest quality beer experience possible. This guiding philosophy encompasses everything that we do.

We believe in providing a mix of essential food classics and contemporary staples to create the perfect Canadian menu to be enjoyed alongside our beer. We have taken on the responsibility of localizing the beer experience by making authentic, fresh craft products that establish a new, truly Canadian beer culture.

We use only the best ingredients: premium hops and malts combined with our own cultured yeast strains.

The premium beers that we brew have grown from roots grounded deeply in tradition. Our dedicated Brewmasters use time-tested recipes and brewing methods in our in-house brewery. Our hops and malts are sourced from around the world as to provide true styles. This combination yields beers that are absolutely the best that they can be.

Our beers are for everyone. They are fresh, modern, and innovatively looking to the future. They are true and honest, drawing on experience from history. We truly believe there is an occasion for every beer and a beer for every occasion.

Park Distillery + Restaurant - Banff, AB

We distill in the purest place on the planet. Our water originates at six glaciers high in the Rocky Mountains and gains minerality as it travels across rich limestone deposits. Our grain is sourced from high-altitude family farms in the Alberta foothills. We hand-mill, hand-mash and hand-distill to preserve the purity of our ingredients and only produce in small batch. Our spirits are like no other in the world, because there is no other place in the world like Banff.

We’re 100% sure about two things. The Park makes you hungry. The Park makes you thirsty. So we’re taking all the cravings a day of park life works up and satisfying them in a single place — Park. Campfire-inspired cooking. Spirits distilled in-house. Plus enough cold craft beer to satisfy the thirst of a CPR expedition party missing since 1865. Or two lifties from Lake Louise. OK, we’re 100% sure about another thing. You’re gonna love this place.

Last Best Brewing and Distilling - Calgary, AB

We’re Last Best Brewing & Distilling, Calgary’s most unique brewpub, and the fourth location in the Bearhill Brewing Family of Breweries.

It’s our privilege to be the community liaison for beer, and beer culture, and we don’t take this role lightly. The beers we make are a direct reflection of the values and personalities of you – our customers and our community. We believe that pubs should be hubs that bring people together; a place where we can grow community, and the culture of beer, in a fun and interactive environment.

Our beers are fresh and delicious because we make them in-house using the best ingredients for everything we produce. Which isn’t hard here in Alberta – we are literally surrounded by a sea of barley, making (in our opinion) Calgary the Last Best opportunity for the craft brewing industry and brewers like us.

In fact, Last Best goes all the way back to the turn of the 20th century when the Canadian government launched a campaign called The Last Best West. Its purpose was to populate the western prairies (Calgary) and grow agriculture in Canada. The Laurier administration believed that this area was the Last Best chance in the modern world for homesteaders to lay roots and shape their futures.

We think the accomplishments resulting from the first Last Best initiative have paved the way for the budding craft beer and distilling industries here in Alberta. We honour this historical spirit through our name and our unwavering commitment to making delicious well-crafted beer.


Rig Hand Distillery - Nisku, AB

Rig Hand Craft Distillery is in the unique position of being the first craft distillery in the greater Edmonton area.  Our family business makes the only vodka, rum, whisky, gin, moonshine and coffee cream liquor that is locally sourced, produced, and distributed.  Our main grain supplier is Schneider Farms, a fourth generation farm located two miles from the distillery. 

Our products are packaged in a distinctive trademarked bottle that is a replica of the Leduc #1 drilling rig, paying tribute to our rich history of both agriculture and resource development in Alberta.  Our aim is to be a leader in the craft industry and foster partnerships with other local businesses while producing the highest quality spirits possible for our customers. We offer tours and tastings daily during regular business hours and evening/weekend tours are available by appointment.  Cheers!

Stone Heart Distillery - Innisfail, AB

Time passes differently on a farm. Seasons roll by. Harvests come and go. Good things — they just keep getting better.

Since 1884, four generations of family have worked the land at Stone Heart. We’ve planted the seeds, grown the crops, and harvested the grains. These days, we don’t stop there.

We mill our grains, then mash, ferment, and distill them. We add crystal clear water drawn from mountain valleys. We blend in natural flavours using other farm fresh ingredients.

When all is said and done, we’ve got bottles of Stone Heart spirits. Produced start to finish, by good people on a stretch of land in the heart of Alberta.

Krang Spirits - Cochrane, AB

Krang Spirits Distillery in Cochrane, AB  is dedicated to producing amazing hand-crafted spirits from the best ingredients available. Come and tour our 6000 sq. foot facility complete with free samples of Vodka, Fruit Liqueurs, Apple Brandy, Gin and White Spirits. Take a look at the grain grinder, fruit press, Handmade German Mueller Potstill, or smell a mash fermenting.

Have a question about distilling? Krang Spirits will try and answer! Children are welcome with parents.

Strathcona Spirits - Edmonton, AB

Strathcona Spirits is born of several strokes of fortune; good timing, bad timing, faith and despair in good measure, resourcefulness, and good old fashioned hard work. 

And, most importantly, the help of many good friends who have helped with their skills, trucks, connections, cool ideas, and warm bodies on construction, R & D, equipment runs to the West Coast and south across the Mississippi,  from Arkansas to Kansas, to Graceland, through the Ozarks, even down to Wetaskiwin, Nisku, and the oft despised Cowtown. 

This project is based on a fascination with the real alchemy of distillation, the collection of essence, purification, science, botanicals, wood, time, and the natural world.  Also upon a keen desire to once again harness the sustainable traditions of the past that have been made inaccessible by archaic law and powerful corporate lobbies.  Lastly we were founded on an interest in our history of spirits and Edmonton's place in it.

Hansen Distillery - Edmonton, AB

The Hansen Clan was forged from the fires of World War One, Prohibition and the Great Depression that followed.

Out of those decades emerged an iron-willed family whose strength of resolve was matched only by its love for one another, for their craft and for the fiercely independent spirit that has shaped their Western Canada homeland.

They continued to make small batches, shared with family and friends on special occasions and then passed down Amanda’s recipe from generation to generation—all the way to great grandchildren, Kris and Shayna.

And that’s how the Hansen Legacy lives today.
It’s called The Hansen Distillery. Open for business once again after 85 years.

Wildlife Distillery - Canmore, AB

Co-founders of Wild Life Distillery, Matt Widmer and Keith Robinson have grown up exploring the Rocky Mountains of the Bow Valley. Here they open their hearts and lives to share insight into adventures past, present and those yet to come. 

What does it mean to be a craft distillery? At Wild Life Distillery (WLD), our approach to producing great craft spirits is set on a foundation of quality and authenticity. We use our distillery as the medium to connect these values to everything that we do: the clean mountain water we use; the local grain we source; the small batch sizes we produce; our attention to detail; and the community of like-minded individuals that surrounds us, are all a part of the WLD process. Every aspect of this reinforces our view of what it means to be craft. This is further reflected in who we are and the way we live. We work hard to ensure that WLD produces only the highest quality products and are eager to share this passion for quality craftsmanship with you.



RAW Distillery - Canmore - AB

Our mission is to create BOLD spirits and a ‘tasting adventure’ for consumers.

It’s not just vodka and no they don’t all taste the same. Imagine a flight of different vodka’s or gins… not necessarily for better or for worse, but rather each with their own tasting notes. Using RAW Alberta grains and glacier water from the Rocky Mountains, we want to produce adventurous, bold spirits that we can all be proud of.

A consumer tasting experience is where we see the real ‘craft’ of distilling shining through…

Albertans are hard-working people, proud of the land and the grain they produce. We are committed to staying true to the farming roots of this province and to distilling with only the purest, high-quality ingredients. Where each of our ingredients comes from in their RAW form is very important to us.

Using RAW Alberta grains and glacier water from the Rocky Mountains, we plan on distilling cutting edge bold spirits to bring you an awesome tasting experience.

Old Prairie Sentinel - Lacombe - AB

Proudly Albertan like you, we are staunch supporters of local industry.  For that reason, only the finest locally sourced ingredients are selected for our spirits, which we hand-craft in small batches using traditional methods and a stuborn devotion to detail to ensure palate-pleasing superiority every time.  In honor of working-class Alberta we emphasize premium quality without exception and value without apology.  Stay strong Alberta; support local.


Elk Island Spirits - Sherwood Park - AB

Small Batch
Fermented, distilled and bottled by real people right here in Sherwood Park, Alberta... not some faceless corporate run factory in another country.

Quality Ingredients
Alberta born and bred. We source the finest quality grains from organic farmers right here in Alberta. Our Malts are either home made, or sourced from Alberta malters using Alberta grain.

Regional and Sustainable
We are committed to using local grown grains for our spirits.  Sourcing locally reduces our carbon footprint and assures you we use the finest ingredients- Alberta grains!

Burwood Distillery - Calgary - AB

It began with an unlikely connection.

When co-founder Jordan Ramey was looking to purchase a new home in 2012, he met realtor Ivan Cilic. Throughout the home-buying process, Ivan and Jordan connected over a common passion – small-batch brews and spirits. This shared passion sparked an idea: to bring together a group of people who are passionate about community, creativity and craft spirits.

Still, something was missing.

A few years later, Ivan’s brother, Marko joined the team. The three began to meet over locally brewed coffee, beer and craft spirits (and more than a few wings). The result: a vision for a distillery that would dedicate itself to providing Albertans with an authentic, hand-crafted product to pair with shared memories, celebrations, intimate gatherings and all those moments worth drinking to.

Burwood is steeped in connection, passion and elevated through community. It is a space to connect, and to disconnect.


Back 40 Distillery - Camrose - AB

Situated in the town of Camrose, Alberta, in the heart of the prairies, Back 40 Distillery reflects the strong work ethic and passion for quality spirits shared by founders Rick Lazaruik and Lorne Haugen owners and operators. The Company was incorporated in February of 2016 after a long period of research and development. That process began on a warm summer day on Lorne’s farm, when the two began talking about getting back to the basics with food and drink; a time when you could read the simple ingredients on a bottle and recognize every component. As a farmer, Lorne had many of the raw ingredients they were talking about. They duo began processing their own meat and selling it locally at farmer’s markets. They soon began to form alliances with local farmers and growers. They tasted berries, apples, and honey all locally produced, and all of exceptional quality. They knew they were on to something special.

And so they dream of producing hand-crafted, small batch, gluten free spirits began more than possible, it was inevitable. The year 2015 involved a steep learning curve of licensing, equipment suppliers, and honest, hard work, something both Lorne and Rick know a lot about. Once they had the facility built and the potstill installed, they set to work developing recipes that reflect the artisanal ingredients the prairies has to offer.



When chemistry, agriculture, and a love of fine spirits come together, something amazing is bound to happen.  A chemist by education, and a crop inspector by trade, head distiller Nathan Flim combines the intricacies of chemical reactions with the purity of locally grown grains to produce exceptional spirits.  Quality, integrity, sustainability, and hospitality are the values that guide everything that we do here at The Fort Distillery.    

The Fort Distillery is located in Fort Saskatchewan, a city known for taking raw ingredients and turning them into refined products.  Our goal is to bring you delicious, small batch spirits made using the best local ingredients we can get our hands on.  The Fort Distillery will be opening in the summer of 2018, and we can’t wait to share our passion with you.

Confluence Distilling will be opening later this year in Calgary's Barley Belt.  They've secured a lease at 507 36th Ave SE, down the block from the Banded Peak Brewery, and across the street from the newly opened Born Colorado Brewery.  The distillery is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2018 and will serve Gin and other spirits made from locally sourced grains and botanicals from the small cocktail bar in the front of the distillery.

Tippa’s Lovebird Gin is handcrafted in small batches in Okotoks and comes in a bottle that features work by Calgary artist Lisa Brawn. (In case you’re wondering about the name, distiller Paul Poutanen’s background is Finnish, and “tippa” means “drop” in Finnish. He told me he uses a “special secret technique” to make the gin very smooth.) 

 Our spirits are nothing less than a collective effort, pulled together by the craftsmanship of our team. We’re a handful of passionate individuals that genuinely enjoy the taste of great spirits in good company. We have the visionaries who propel our vision for the community forward, the leaders who ensure operations are always running smoothly, and of course the experts who bring years of experience of distilling quality spirits to the table. We’re proud of our Grande Prairie, and we’re here to represent it in the product and business we create.

A monk sits, furiously scratching away at his parchment. 
It is near dawn and his candles have burnt down to near nothing. Still, he cannot rest until he’s finished. He won’t rest.
Open jars of grains surround him, some spilled next to his parchment. 
He runs his hands through them before bringing them to his nose. 
He smiles as he lifts his parchment into the light. After countless experiments, this is it. The perfect recipe. A beer fine enough to share. This Monk isn't your typical devotee. He has an unmatched passion for his craft and the will to go anywhere to find the right ingredients. And tonight, his devotion to his craft has paid off.
The trouble is, he will never stop searching for the next perfect recipe...

We're David and Andrea Scade, creators of Black Diamond Distillery, the first ever craft distillery in St. Albert, AB. Our small local business is family owned and operated so we'll be the faces to look for at the shop or when we're setup at local markets (find us on social media for shop hours and to keep tabs on where we'll be and when). 

Using locally sourced ingredients we produce handcrafted spirits and liqueurs, specializing in flavour profiles for tastebuds that love to be tickled by refreshing, natural tasting beverages.  Our small batches reflect Alberta’s beautiful landscape by featuring local produce and showcasing seasonal ingredients.


Creating a sustainable legacy for future generations…

The Rocky Mountain Big Horn Distillery was founded on traditional principles and a passion to create spirits and liqueurs from the finest Alberta grains and water.

Our line of products is continuing to grow as we create more unique and world class spirits and liqueurs.